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2 Whole Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (H&G)

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Whole, H&G (headed & gutted) only, Wild-caught Copper River Sockeye Salmon.

Wild Sockeye Salmon from the legendary Copper River wild salmon run are not only unsurpassed in taste, but are one of nature's healthiest foods. They are full of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and rich in many antioxidents including Omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, and increase brain function.

These beautiful, hand selected Sockeye salmon are 3-6 pounds each, H&G (Headed and Gutted) only, and are frozen at sea to maintain that fresh from the ocean taste and quality. This is a great buy per pound on salmon and whole fish will keep longer in the freezer than fillets. These whole Sockeye are great stuffed, baked, or slow cooked on a cedar plank. You could also use these whole fish to smoke or cut them down into individual portion sized fillets or steaks.

We ship in thick, reusable Styrofoam coolers with either gel-ice or dry-ice to keep the products cold in transit.

If you love Alaskan Salmon, don't miss this gourmet salmon treat. This is as good as it gets!

Price is for two Copper River Sockeye Salmon, H&G (Headed and Gutted)only, weighing 5-8 lbs each (10 lbs. combined).

For our individually vacuum-packed, 6-12 ounce Copper River Fillets, click here!

Visit our Recipe Page for some exciting ideas on how to prepare Sockeye Salmon.

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  • Customer Testimonials:


    As a former long-time Alaskan resident I have eaten my fair share of salmon caught fresh and eaten on the spot, I now live in Phoenix, Arizona and can't catch my own salmon any longer,

    I have found that Wild Pacific Salmon is the next best thing to catching it yourself. The Quality is always excellent and the Indian-Candy Smoked Salmon is the best. I am recommending you to all my friends. I will be buying from you again.

    Thank you, Robert C.
    Phoenix, Arizona

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Seafood Specifications

Whole (H&G) Sockeye Salmon Whole headed and gutted Sockeye Salmon, 4-6 lbs. each, in a plastic sleeve.
. Are high in doctor recommended Omega-3 fatty acids.
. Are shipped in thick, reusable Styrofoam coolers with gel-ice or dry-ice.
. Include recipes, cooking and handling instructions, and a product catalog.
. Gifts will also include a personalized gift card.
. Online orders receive order confirmation and FedEx tracking number by email.
. All of our seafood is fisherman direct and frozen at sea (FAS) to insure premium quality.
. Certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.


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