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  Wild Pacific Chinook King Salmon Fillets
Only $129.95
In Stock, Price is for 5 pounds!
  Alaskan Sockeye (Red) Salmon Fillets - Skin On & Boneless
Only $104.95
Price is for 5 lbs.
  Alaska Coho (Silver) Salmon Fillets
Only $104.95
In Stock, Price is for 5 lbs.
  Alaskan Halibut Fillets
Only $164.95
Price is for 5 lbs.
  Alaskan Pacific Cod Fillets
Only $104.95
On SALE for only $99.95
Price is for 5 lbs.
  Steelhead Trout Fillets
Only $99.95
In stock; price is for 5 lbs.
  Seafood Combo Packs *** PRICE VARIES STARTING AT:
Only $104.95
In Stock, Price is for 5 lbs.
  Seafood Sampler Pack
Only $119.95
In Stock, Price is for Approx. 5 lbs.
  Indian Candy Smoked Salmon fillets ***PRICE VARIES STARTING AT:
Only $36.95
In Stock, Price is for 1 lbs.
  Gift Certificates STARTING AT:
Only $25.00


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1.   Wild Pacific Chinook King Salmon Fillets
Item No. King
2.   Alaskan Sockeye (Red) Salmon Fillets - Skin On & Boneless
Item No. SockeyeSkin On
3.   Alaska Coho (Silver) Salmon Fillets
Item No. Coho
4.   Alaskan Halibut Fillets
Item No. Alaskan Halibut
5.   Alaskan Pacific Cod Fillets
Item No. Alaskan Pacific Cod
6.   Steelhead Trout Fillets
Item No. Steelhead
7.   Seafood Combo Packs *** PRICE VARIES STARTING AT:
Item No. Seafood Combinations *** PRICES START AT
8.   Seafood Sampler Pack
Item No. SeaSamp1
9.   Indian Candy Smoked Salmon fillets ***PRICE VARIES STARTING AT:
Item No. SMK - Salmon
10.   Gift Certificates STARTING AT:
Item No. Gift Certificates
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    Customer testimonial

    FED EX did deliver the order today at 1 PM . We had Salmon for Dinner at 5 PM, and it is just GREAT. I just wanted to say that it is all that you state it to be and Jane and I will be having Salmon at least twice a week.

    I have seen what it takes to catch the fish at sea through both the Discovery and History Channels, so I do appreciate what it takes and the immense dangers involved in the fishing industries. I will never buy FARMED SALMON AGAIN.

    Again---many thanks and we will re-order when supply runs low. Please use our satisfaction in your product if anyone should question quality of the Salmon and the delivery time. Overnight and by 1 PM the following day. You deliver on all your statements.

    Your Health is Priceless!

    It would be hard to think of another food that has as many proven health benefits as Wild Alaskan Salmon. When considering the cost of Wild Alaska Salmon vs what you can get in your local grocery store, keep in mind the true value of what you're buying. Given the sky-rocketing cost of health care and pharmaceutical drugs, what is the value of optimum health? How much would you pay for improved heart, brain, eye and immune system health for you, your children, and your parents? For more information on the health benefits of Wild Alaskan Salmon, see our Health Benefits page.

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