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Hello, I recently purchased 10 lb of Halibut. It is possibly the best I have ever had. How long does your fresh Halibut season run? I want to stock up with more before the season ends. Best regards, Jamie
My son sent us some of your King Salmon and it was the best salmon I have ever eaten. We invited some family over and when they heard we were grilling King Salmon our party grew from 2 people to 7 including Dennis & me. Sad to say we cooked the entire order. And I wanted more!!!! Kathleen H.
Wow! We purchased some Chinook filets online following a decision to support sustainable markets. After receiving them tonight and following one of the recipes included in the package, we are hooked! It was by a wide margin the best salmon we have tasted. Thank you for superior and sustainable salmon. We'll be in touch soon. David & Elizabeth V.
The salmon has been excellent, and last night I served some of the tuna loins for a small dinner party; it was a big hit! I used a very simple recipe: After washing and drying them, I coated them in a paste of dijon mustard mixed w/cumin, wrapped them in aluminum foil and baked them in a 350 preheated oven for 20 minutes. They needed the longer cook time due to their being so thick. One of the sides was mushrooms sauteed lightly in a very small amount of butter, and when done, I poured the liquor from the pan over the fish. It was delicious! Dr. L
Yumm!!! That's about all I can say since I began eating the salmon we received yesterday! Delicious! Thank you!! Dara

I shopped for the holidays with you. Will do so again next year...thank you for your wonderful products.

My wife and I ordered some salmon last week and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed such a nice product. It is hard to find a decent fillet sometimes. I am sure we will be ordering some time soon.

Thank You, Tim and Allison - Tyringham, MA

The fish arrived this afternoon in perfect condition, as always. And thanks so much for the extra pound of smoked salmon. I will appreciate every single bite. Halibut is on the menu for tonight's dinner!


We received the salmon today here on the high plains of Texas. We immediately cooked some for dinner tonight. It was delicious and a real treat for us.

Thank you. We will definitely order again. Blessings to you and your family.

Randy O.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that the salmon arrived safe and sound last week, and that it tastes wonderful! Thanks for putting out such a great product. I look forward to referring you to friends and family, and also to ordering more of your products in the future. Have a great week.

Sincerely, Jason

Hello, The salmon we tasted was terrific. The texture and flavor is so much better, and it's just a really good feeling to know where it is coming from, and that it is fresh.

Congratulations on your efforts. We definitely will spread the word in our area. We want to try some halibut too. The price was less than our local HyVee which only occasionally has the wild salmon. Most of all, I know it's fresh and good for us.

Thank you. Mary Ellen K.

Hi! I am the biggest salmon fan, as well as most fresh seafoods. Living on Florida's west coast, fresh seafood is readily available. From local charters and Key West trips, to many of our fabulous restaurants and seafood markets lining our beaches, we've got it all! And now we have the best salmon- thanks to you. My guiltiest pleasure is creating delicious seafood dinners and pairing them with great wines. I am a little "foodie".This has rubbed off onto my boyfriend. He has NEVER cooked for me, though he does brag that he can cook. Shockingly, he ordered your wild salmon and received it promptly the next day! (Then dropping off the fish for ME to cook at my home!) I made a gorgeous wild salmon dinner, Salmon Cleopatra (an ode to one of our favorite local restaurants- Villa Gallace, located in Indian Shores, Florida), perfectly paired with a chilled Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc. It was just lovely. The next Friday came and we had pan-seared blackened scallops and wild salmon deliciously topped with mushrooms and served over long-grained wild rice. A fine Kim Crawford Pinot Noir was the bottle of choice for this rich entree. I guess you could say the meal was "WILD!" I am looking forward to this Friday, possibly making onion-crusted salmon with a cool and creamy cucumber and dill sauce. Maybe a buttery chardonnay or a pinot gris as the wine selection. I'll let you know how it turned out! Thank you for such quality and prompt delivery. DINNER FOR 2 ! Wild Salmon Cleopatra by Diane Recipe inspired by local restaurant, Villa Gallace, Indian Shores, FL Approx 25 mins from start to finish! ( 2 ) 8oz wild salmon fillets (skin-on=ok!) 10-12 pearl/cocktail onions, rinsed and drained 1 can artichoke hearts, drained and quartered 1 tblesp capers, rinsed and drained 1 cup mushrooms, sliced (button,baby bellas....your choice) 1 Pkge Hollandaise sauce mix salt & pepper lemon juice XV olive oil butter Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Season salmon fillets with salt & pepper, splash with lemon juice, then brush with XV olive oil. Place in foil-lined cookie sheet or oven-safe pan. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until desired tenderness-fork flakes the fillets. DO NOT OVERBAKE. Prepare hollandaise sauce in a medium-sized sauce pan as per directions. Keep on low heat until salmon is ready. In a skillet, saute the mushrooms in 1 tblesp of butter and a healthy drizzle of XV olive oil. Add a pinch salt & pepper 1/2 way through for seasoning. Add capers, artichoke hearts and pearl/cocktail onions to the mushrooms until all is heated through. Add 1 tblespn lemon juice to the prepared hollandaise sauce. This finishes the sauce and gives it a fresh and lemony "kick". Plate your salmon fillets, top with capers, artichokes, onions and mushrooms and finish by pouring the lemon hollandaise all over! Garnish with lemon slices and fresh parsley. Enjoy! My favorite side dish with Salmon Cleopatra: sauted spinach (2 bags of fresh baby spinach, minced fresh garlic, butter and white wine) Sincerely, Diane Bumiller - Madeira Beach, FL

Hi! Prepared one of those salmon filets for dinner tonight. Awesome!!


I ordered a package of your smoked Indian candy style salmon fillets to try out of curiosity, as excellent smoked salmon is a favorite of both my husband and I. What a huge and happy surprise when we tried it; we had just never tasted anything like it before. It's just delicious! I've reordered a few pounds to keep on hand in the freezer, since it has definitely been added to our list of fine gourmet foods! Thanks for your putting out such excellent products.

Dr. L

Thanks for the order, The salmon is delicious thanks.


Just received my package. The fish is still frozen solid. The first 5 lbs we ordered was great. I am telling my friends about you.

Thanks, Mike

Thank you for shipping so quickly. We got it in time and my husband loved the present and the salmon is delicious.

Thanks again, Barb

The kids scrapped for more wild Alaska salmon at dinner tonight! Order arrived today-delicious fishes! Do you have more Coho fillets?

Thanks John G

Love your salmon! I eat a lot of it since I don't eat meat. One question: is the sodium content greater in the frozen wild sockeye salmon fillets that I buy? I know that some frozen fish (like shrimp) have very large amounts of sodium indeed.

thanks, Rex C

Thanks Rex, the sodium content is the same - wildpacificsalmon.com

My husband and I cannot tell you enough, how absolutely wonderful the salmon is. I ordered a lot more than I should have-or so I thought. Let me tell you-it was not enough. Thanks so much for your ethical and wonderful work. My health thanks you and so do the small group of friends we invite over for meals. And I do mean �small group.�

Thanks again. We wish you health, happiness and prosperity. Ann C

Hello, We ordered salmon a couple times last year and it was awesome. I wanted to order 60lbs for this coming season, what is the best way to handle it?

Thank you, William

We are glad you liked the salmon! The best way to order is to go to our web site at www.wildpacificsalmon.com and place your order or you can call us at 503-435-8003.

Dear WPS. Last year, I enjoyed some of the best salmon ever - from your products. I would like to order some Cooper River Sockeye filets (WCRSS). In my last order, you included a package of smoked salmon - Delicious - I will order some when I order the non-smoked kind.

Thank you. Dr. Yvette B

I have just ordered another 10 lbs of the Chinook salmon and wanted to write and thank your being there. Thank you so much for the salmon and the wonderful prices. The first shipment arrived in perfect order and beautifully packed. I will continue to order and am looking forward to your new product additions.

Sincerely, Diana S

Wanted you to know how much we appreciate the salmon. Quality is just what we wanted. Thanks again.

Joe M.

Hi! The salmon are super delicious. The smoked salmon was a special treat! My son is on a special diet for ulcerative colitis. The diet prohibits non-wild game meats and recommends salmon 3 days/week. Most salmon in stores and restaurants in Georgia are farmed and so may contain harmful levels of mercury and are extremely high in arachidonic acid (This is a fatty acid derivative that is the link to one of the major pathways that produce chemicals that cause inflammation such as in arthritis, intestinal inflammation, etc. Farmed salmon feed on food that is loaded with animal products and oils that contain high levels of this acid. Wild Alaskan salmon feed on algae as fingerlings and then do not accumulate the acid as do the farmed-raised salmon because they are not given food that already contains the acid.)

Cheers! Yvette
The salmon arrived today. It was in excellent shape and the color is fantastic. Those salmon knew what to eat! Now its our turn.


Excellent condition as always! As soon as I saw FedEx truck pull in I called my husband at work to give him the good news so he had something extra special to look forward to when he gets home.

Thanks, Gina

I hope all's going well for you. I had to let you know I had the best Salmon ever last night. I received my 10 lb. order from WildPacificSalmon.com yesterday. I can't believe how they packed it. Each filet is cut to serving size and vacuum sealed individually. This Salmon is so red, no coloring or preservatives added. I just broiled (not too long) with a little butter and garlic salt and it was great. I would highly recommend Wild Pacific Salmon.Com

Hello, I ordered a variety of salmon from you and LOVED, LOVED LOVED it! My favorite was the Coho and the Cooper River King. We will be reordering soon We haven't tried the smoked salmon yet - how long can it keep unopened in the fridge? The taste of your salmon is so clean it is even good for breakfast or put in a flour tortilla to eat in the car on the way to work. I'm hooked (pardon the pun!).

Regards, Gina, a new customer

The salmon is absolutely delicious. It is fresh,tasty, and moist. There is, to me, a very big difference between this salmon and the other that I had received in the past. King Salmon is to my liking. You've got yourself a customer. I eat no meat, and salmon five to six nights a week. And each day, I think about you when I am enjoying the salmon.

Regards, Donna

Hi! Excellent condition as always! As soon as I saw FedEx truck pull in I called my husband at work to give him the good news so he had something extra special to look forward to when he gets home.

Thanks, Gina

Dear Wild Pacific Salmon, The salmon is wonderful. What a difference between it and what you buy in the grocery store even though they claim it as fresh. It arrived in perfect condition. My only suggestion is that it be packaged in little smaller pieces--about 1/2 pound per package. It is just the two of us "older folk" and we don't eat that much. Do you have any type of catalog you could send us with all your products in it or maybe salmon is the only thing you handle? We are great lovers of king crab legs.

Thanks. Karen & Murry

Thank you so much. I just got word from Andover that they're all very impressed with the Salmon. They all asked for your webpage, too, which I happily supplied. Thanks again, and I hope you have better weather for the labor day weekend than we're having in Vancouver.

Elizabeth W

Wow.......my order came today. some of the most beautiful fish i have ever seen. thanks so much can't wait to try some. Great job.


Hi, My shopping experience at Wild Pacific Salmon was terrific. I placed my order on the phone. They were very nice and talked to me about the different types of salmon they sell. I order 10 pounds of wild Copper River Chinook salmon and 2 pounds of their Smoked Chinook salmon. When my order arrived the next day and was completely frozen and in vacuum packed half pounds portions. The Salmon was amazing; when I opened a half pound package it had a fresh out of the ocean smell. The Salmon we had for dinner was great. For desert we had some smoked Chinook salmon on crackers after dinner and it was the best smoked salmon I have ever had. I highly recommend you to all my friends and will definitely be ordering again.

Thank you, Bill C

Hi! Your shipment arrived yesterday with all items nicely frozen. I can't speak for any of the selections other than the smoked salmon which we immediately thawed and enjoyed immensely.

Thank you, Gordon

The beautiful salmon arrived safely today...thank you for sending in smaller packs. Do you have any cooking suggestions?

Dr. Judith W

Yes ...Check out the Great Recipes on our website.

Hi, I received the salmon thank you. I had some for dinner and it was the best, I will definitely be back for more. You have been a pleasure to work with and I will recommend you highly.

Thank You, Carolyne C

We received our shipment today and the fish looks great We had some B-B-Qed salmon for brunch this morn and it was great. It was well worth the wait!

Bill C

Hello, As a former longtime Alaskan resident I have eaten my fair share of salmon caught fresh and eaten on the spot, I now live in Phoenix Arizona and can't catch my own salmon any longer, I have found that Wild Pacific Salmon is the next best thing to catching it yourself. The Quality is always excellent and the Indian candy Smoked Salmon is the best. I am recommending you to all my friends. I will be buying from you again.

Thank you, Robert C. - Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Wild Pacific Salmon. Got my order! We had the smoked salmon over Easter, and just wanted to let you know everyone loved it! I will be back to order more soon!

Thanks, Vicki B. - Wisconsin

Thank you for the excellent Salmon! I am truely impressed with the quality.


Hello, I received my salmon today, Thurs Feb 1 a little after 1pm. It looks great. I hope to do business with you again.

Thanks, Paige G.

I am enjoying it (your salmon) very much. You can repeat my prior order of 10 lbs King fillets and bill/ship to the same card/address.

Thank you, Mark F. - Chappaqua, New York

Just to let you know I really enjoyed my 1st salmon steak and it arrived in great condition....

Thank you, Lewis F.

Just wanted you to know the salmon arrived on Wednesday afternoon. The salmon looked great and all the packaging was intact and everything went right into the freezer. The jell-packs did the trick. Thanks for the smoked Salmon sample too! It was terrific.

Thank you, Patricia M.

Hi, Everything was great. We were on spring break when I received the packages of Smoked Salmon, so I just served my first group of second-graders today. They LOVED it! (We had it on bagels w/cream cheese.) I appreciate your excellent customer service.

Thank you! Ann - Muncie, IN

They(the salmon)are great. We will buy more!!

Yaakov B. - Saba Aba Food Company

It was a great buying experience. Went as I expected.

Thank you. Vicki B

The salmon arrived and is awesome! I have told a number of friends about your website. I wanted to order another 25 lbs. of salmon. You can send the same assortment as before!

Thank you, Will

Thanks Guys received Salmon in good condition,I will try and send some photo's of the Memphis in May BBQ including the smoked salmon.

Thanks Again, Roy Dowty

Hello from Phoenix, AZ! Ordered for the first time from you on 4/6/09 order #269. The Indian-Candy was the best smoked salmon I have had by far, you are more expensive than some vendors but your product is much higher quality. Some venders try to pass off smoked salmons that comes in a pouch like tuna and does not taste much different. Also you're salmon fillets are the best also because they have no fishy smell raw and the cooked taste is phenomenal. I will definitely be trying other products from you in the future.

Sincerely; Joe Adashunas

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