Wild Pacific Cod

Wild Pacific Cod

Scientific Name: (Gadus macrocephalus)
Market Name: Pacific Cod,  Grey cod
These are moderately fast growing and relatively short-lived fish, with a maximum age of approximately 18 years. Females reach 50% maturity at 4.4 years in the Gulf of Alaska. Males reach a smaller maximum length in the Gulf of Alaska than females; in contrast, Bering Sea males reach a similar maximum length as females.  Pacific cod are highly fecund and can produce up to 5.7 million ova each year. Cod are demersal and concentrate on the shelf edge and upper slope (100-250 m) in the winter and move to shallower waters (<100 m) in the summer. Cod prey on clams, worms, crabs, shrimp, and juvenile fish. In turn, they are eaten by halibut and marine mammals. Pacific cod are taken with trawl, longline, pot, and jig gear. Information from NOAA Fisheries
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