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      Wild Pacific Salmon was founded by Carl and Barbara Speight who were Alaskan Commercial Fishermen from 1992 until Carl's passing in 2011. Barbara along with the help of her niece, continued to market Wild Alaskan Salmon and other Pacific coast seafood products until the end of December, 2012, when Barbara decided to move her life in a new direction.  We the present owners, Bill and Cheryl Vojak are very proud to continue Carl and Barbara's vision and belief in providing sustainably harvested, wild caught seafood products to our customers. Don't worry... we continue to use many of the quality resources used by the Speight family to provide our customers with the best Wild Pacific Seafood!
      Check out the photos on the "A Snapshot of an Alaskan Commercial Fishing Season"  photos taken by the Speights on our Fishing Page!
      We take seriously the commitment to education, conservation of the species, stewardship of our waterways, and a quality wild salmon and seafood product you will be proud to serve to friends and family. We are devoted to seeing that you always receive good value and top quality wild salmon. 
      When shopping around for quality wild salmon, it is important to be sure that you're comparing "apples to apples". Is the salmon at your local supermarket truly wild? Does it state on the label what species of salmon it is? Is it packaged in convenient freezer-ready, meal-sized portions? Has the vendor selected only the purest, sustainably-harvested salmon? Our Wild Salmon are bled, cleaned, and flash-frozen to lock in the fresh-caught flavor of the salmon while preserving the salmon's firm texture and rich color. This ensures a consistently high quality product to you.
      Wild Caught Salmon are harvested at their peak levels of Omega3-fatty acid (3-6 year old fish) and have grown on natural marine diets including herring, shrimp, and squid.  The longer the salmon is in the open ocean, the larger it grows and the more fat it gains. Their natural migration patterns and food sources enhance the fat layers that contain the Omega fatty acids we need for better health. In contrast, Farmed Salmon are fed more hormones, and antibiotics per pound than any other farmed livestock. Most of the salmon sold in supermarkets is farmed or "Atlantic" salmon. That is, salmon that is mass-produced in foreign waters. Wild salmon differ from farmed salmon in many important ways. Wild salmon grow naturally in the open ocean, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and artificial coloring agents. Farmed salmon are given artificial feed pellets that include hormones, antibiotics, and both natural and artificial coloring agents. They are kept in penned enclosures with an alarming lack of regulatory oversight. These salmon farms create immense environmental degradation through their concentration of feed and waste and become a danger to the Wild salmon stocks by passing diseases that have been bred in captivity. Farmed salmon are harvested every year while Wild salmon stocks can return to their home river system anytime from 1 to 5 years.
      We would love to hear your comments and answer your questions regarding our Wild Seafood.

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